Advisory Board committees include the following:

Executive Committee

In certain circumstances, the Executive Committee can act for the Full Board

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews all budget related submissions from the MBTA and formulates recommendations to the Full Board.

Service Committee

The Service Committee addresses issues of service quality, changes in existing service and service problems.

Commuter Rail Committee

The Commuter Rail Committee addresses issues of commuter rail service quality, changes in service and serves as a discussion forum for the issue of commuter rail expansion.

Capital Planning Committee

The Capital Planning Committee reviews the MBTA's capital spending plans in the form of the annual Capital Investment Program (CIP) and the Program for Mass Transportation (PMT). The Capital Investment Plan is a five year spending outline that schedules major capital investments. The Program for Mass Transportation is developed every five years and is a visionary document designed as a road map to the 25 year future of the MBTA's capital development.

Personnel Committee

Ad hoc committees are created from time to time to address issues that fall outside the scope of the current committee structure.